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Download Blue Heart Emoji and Learn Its History, Meaning, and Usage

This open source emoji is named "blue heart" and is licensed under the open source MIT license. It's a colored emoji. It's also a defined emoji, which means it's part of the open standard on emojis. It's available to be downloaded in SVG and PNG formats (available in 256, 512, 1024 and 2048 PNG sizes). It's part of the emoji set "Twitter Emoji Twemoji Set", which has 3,360 emojis in it. If you need this emoji available in another format, it should be pretty straight forward to download it as an SVG image file, and then import it into apps like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD, Pablo or PicMonkey. Converting it to an ICO, JPEG or WebP image format or file type should also be pretty simple (we hope to add that feature to Iconduck soon).

download blue heart emoji


Yes! This emoji has been open sourced, and can be downloaded at no charge / for free. We also don't require you to sign up for Iconduck, but you can join our mailing list to get notifications on when new icons are available.

Today Twitter has begun rolling out support for the 2022 emoji list within its classic Twemoji emoji style. The update's 31 new additions include the shaking face, the donkey, and the plain pink heart.

A blue heart is used to express love, support, and happiness. It is also used to represent support to anything that uses the blue color, like sport teams. When used as an emoji, the blue heart emoji is great for group chats when you want to text something but have nothing to add.

Blue heart is one of the most interesting emoji from the romantic collection. The blue heart emoji was added to the Unicode 6.0 character set in 2010, and then in 2015 was included in the Emoji 1.0 set, and since then it has changed a lot of meanings in the hearts and minds of users.

What does the blue emoji heart mean?Many people consider the Blue heart to be a symbol of sexuality and desire. So sometimes when you receive a blue heart in a message, you may see it as an invitation to a no-strings-attached relationship.

The blue heart emoticon was originally intended as a symbol of support for people with autism, but today it is hardly used in that sense. However, the association of the Blue Heart with hope, faith, and dreams is still strong.

In a more philosophical sense, the blue heart is consonant with symbols of the water element: the deep and mysterious ocean or the purity and vitality of water sources. In this sense, the blue heart is a symbol of depth, purity and tranquility, taken in peace and meditation.

As for emotions and relationships, the Blue Heart has more than one meaning. First, thanks to its neutral shade, the blue heart is often used in group chats. Also, this emoticon stands for friendly love. A guy can send it to a girl, or vice versa, as a sign of friendship and nothing more.

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According to another permissible interpretation, a blue heart means a sad or bad mood. This variant is due to one of the slang meanings of the word Blue. However, it is a mild point, far from the depression and ennui usually denoted by a black heart.

What does the blue heart emoji mean?Blue heart represents tender and long-lasting love, platonic love. Blue color symbolizes clarity and purity. Also means sadness, peace, loyalty, mystery and hope.

The emoji characters are available in the iOS 16.4, iPadOS 16.4, watchOS 9.4, and macOS Ventura 13.3 betas, which can be downloaded by developers. Apple will likely make a public beta available in the near future, but it will likely be several weeks before the software updates see an official release.

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